Durational installation, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK
With participation from Alex White, Bhav Bhella, Charles Proctor, Corinne Deakin, Elena Gileva, Emily Temperton & Jo Ray
Plywood units, paper, cast rubber
Duration: 2 weeks

How do we want to live? Burdakov's first solo museum project, Assembly considered life frameworks with potential to support both elusive yearnings and daily needs. Using the artist studio as a test site and building a community of participants around an architectural project, it sought to make aspiration visible, reflecting on how physical and social spaces are created as we make our way in life guided by ideals and hopes.

A temporary place of work (Ingredient 1) was set up in the exhibition space. A team of participants (Ingredient 2), were invited to work together with Burdakov, building display units and furniture, engaging in discussion and form-finding. A less idealised series of rubber works, Blueprint, contributed to the installation. The task (Ingredient 3), initially, was to design a building which could house an artist's studio, treating the whole setup and its positioning in the wider context as a model to be questioned and re-evaluated.